Welcome to 3 Stripes Grassroots Basketball

The adidas Girls Grassroots Basketball tournament registration database was developed to promote adidas 3 Stripe Grassroots events nationally. Our goal is to advocate for young female athletes, with the desire to play college basketball, by providing them with evaluation and promotion through our well-organized events.

adidas Girls Grassroots Basketball runs certified and non-certified events around the country, including the adidas Uprising Gauntlet Series events and the prestigious adidas Uprising Summer Championships (formerly the adidas Nationals). The adidas brand has an established, global presence in the select youth basketball market. It is our objective to promote the Adidas 3 Stripe name and give teams that participate in our events an opportunity to obtain possible future Adidas sponsorships.

The adidas Uprising Gauntlet Series is in it's second year, following in the footsteps of the Boys' Uprising Gauntlet Series. adidas teams from around the country will travel to Phoenix, Arizona in April, and to Dallas, Texas in July for the Gauntlet Series. The outcomes of these events will determine seeding for the adidas Uprising Summer Championships in Atlanta, Georgia on July 27-29, 2017.

Teams that are not selected to participate in the adidas Uprising Gauntlet Series can still be a part of adidas Grassroots Basketball. Contact J.C. Hulls with 3 Stripe Basketball or Joey Simmons with Premier Basketball about becoming an adidas 3 Stripe Grassroots team and/or a Premier Basketball adidas Grassroots team. Many of these teams participate in the Adidas 3 Stripes Grassroots events and get an automatic invite to the adidas Uprising Summer Championships in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our goal for the newly formed adidas Silver Gauntlet Series is to strengthen adidas Grassroots and give all teams a chance to be a part of the adidas family. If you have an interest of becoming an adidas Silver Gauntlet team please email silvergauntletwbb@gmail.com or call the Silver Gauntlet office at 812-379-8285.

J.C. Hulls will be supporting and operating the adidas Girls Basketball tournaments nationwide. He has been involved in coaching and running events for 20 plus years and brings experience and stability to adidas 3 Stripe Basketball.